Use DOS programs in Windows XP



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DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library. DOSBox has already been ported to many different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X... and here we offer you the Windows version.

DOSBox also emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS, Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics, a SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent sound compatibility with older games... This will make your gaming and programming experience even better because you will be able to emulate your old system and use your old programs while using Windows XP.

If you want to play those games which gave you hours and hours of fun, now you can play them thanks to DOSBox.

Finally, it's totally free.
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